Arnaldo Trabucco: Coming to the Public’s Aid

Arnaldo Trabucco is a doctor with over three decades experience in helping patients who has made efforts outside of the office to promote healthy urological treatment to the public. Below is an excerpt from a letter to the public in which he addressed a pressing trend in his field that he felt compelled to advise against:

“As a clinical urologist, I feel that the public deserves and has the right to know these possible consequences–further research is needed. I am not saying that saw palmetto or finasteride should never be used, but only that they should be used with careful medical supervision and after obtaining a baseline PSA and digital rectal exam. Although saw palmetto is an herb, we must treat it as a medicine. Since saw Palmetto can act as a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor, thereby potentially interfering with PSA levels in men and decrease prostate cancer detection, it is imperative that men get a baseline PSA level (as is recommended by the FDA for Finasteride, but not for the unregulated use of Saw Palmetto). Men self -medicating themselves with this herb are not aware of this detrimental effect. We are in a new world where patients are more inclined to self-treat their medical conditions with alternative means. I believe that there is some merit to this, with proper guidance by qualified individuals. The escalating cost of medicines in the US has provoked Americans to seek more cost-effective approaches, which is one of the many dilemmas that our present health care system has to address promptly. Doctors need to be better educated about nutrition and alternative medicine. Physicians in the US are not informed about alternative botanical medicine; we are far behind the European community in this regard. I believe that there are many benefits to botanical treatments for many ailments when combined with nutritional approaches. We must discover the alternative approaches that are accessible to us, while simultaneously using these remedies when appropriate and combining them with conventional medical treatment. We must start to incorporate this into our medical schools and residency programs so that we maintain the doctor-patient relationship. To render a proper diagnostic evaluation, doctors and patients must communicate with each other, which means that patients should inform their doctors about their use of any over-the-counter vitamins, minerals, or herbs. A man who treats himself may have a fool for a patient!”

Aside from his contributions to the lives of his patients as well as future doctors of his field, Arnaldo Trabucco has come to the aid of the public by making media appearances and helping spread his knowledge to others.


About Arnaldo Trabucco MD

Arnaldo Trabucco, MD has devoted his entire life to helping and healing patients. He has made several contributions to the field of Urology, particularly in the area of stress incontinence. He has conducted original research and has published widely in peer reviewed journals. Arnaldo Trabucco, MD has been in private practice since 1987 and is currently practicing in Italy, where he is also a Board Member of the Società di Medicina e Chirurgia Rigenerativa Polispecialistica.
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