Arnaldo Trabucco: Properly Examining a Patient

As a seasoned urologist and urological surgeon with over thirty years of experience in treating patients, Arnaldo Trabucco knows the importance of performing proper examinations on each and every single patient that comes into your office. Remember, they are there for you to find things that they do not know about, which requires a strict attention to detail and the efficiency to make sure that none of those details get missed. Below are some key tips to follow when properly examining a patient.

Talk With Your Patient

Many things can be detected just through imply engaging the patient in conversation and asking them lots of questions. But it is important to make sure that you are delivering these questions in a manner that makes the patient comfortable about answering them. Nobody wants to feel like they are in an interrogation room, so instead be conversational and try to put them at ease so they can relax and trust you enough to offer those crucial details.

Maintain Focus

While talking with your patient, give them a thorough examination on the area of focus; and make sure to not let a single important detail go missed. Medical supplies such as lights, stethoscopes and more should be used whenever necessary. Remember that when examining a patient, it is perhaps better to over-examine than under-examine, as the latter can at times produce liability issues.

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About Arnaldo Trabucco MD

Arnaldo Trabucco, MD has devoted his entire life to helping and healing patients. He has made several contributions to the field of Urology, particularly in the area of stress incontinence. He has conducted original research and has published widely in peer reviewed journals. Arnaldo Trabucco, MD has been in private practice since 1987 and is currently practicing in Italy, where he is also a Board Member of the SocietĂ  di Medicina e Chirurgia Rigenerativa Polispecialistica.
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