Arnaldo Trabucco: Explaining Issues To Patients

Arnaldo Trabucco knows that one of the biggest barriers that medical practitioners, particularly those who are fresh out of school, face is communication with patients. If you bombard a layman with medical jargon without taking the time to explain what it all means, you may simply instill fear in the patient instead of reassuring them about the course of action. As such, it is important to practice the way you explain issues to patients.

Keep It Simple

Whenever you explain anything related to medicine to somebody who doesn’t have experience in the field, you should always make an effort to keep things simple. Use short sentence and explain any medical jargon that you do use in a way that can be easily understood.

Be Confident

A patient wants to know that the person who is handling their treatment is confident in both their abilities and the treatment. Practice your delivery and ensure that you have all of the knowledge you require to properly treat the patient before speaking to them in-depth about their ailment.

Be Friendly

Being in hospital is not a pleasant experience for anybody, so it is important to remain friendly and open when communicating with patients. This is particularly important to remember if you are having a bad day and can be key in maintaining the trust between patient and doctor.

A patient-centric philosophy is extremely important when treating any ailment. Arnaldo Trabucco believes in taking time to help patients understand what is happening to them and why certain treatments are a better choice than others.


About Arnaldo Trabucco MD

Arnaldo Trabucco, MD has devoted his entire life to helping and healing patients. He has made several contributions to the field of Urology, particularly in the area of stress incontinence. He has conducted original research and has published widely in peer reviewed journals. Arnaldo Trabucco, MD has been in private practice since 1987 and is currently practicing in Italy, where he is also a Board Member of the Società di Medicina e Chirurgia Rigenerativa Polispecialistica.
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