Arnaldo Trabucco: Why Communication Is Important

Communication is important in all aspects of life. Whether it be in your personal relationships or in developing a rapport with a patient, being able to communicate your thoughts clearly and empathize with others are key life skills. This is something that Arnaldo Trabucco has always understood and is an idea that is at the heart of the patient-centric philosophy he brings to the medical profession.

Prevents Misunderstandings

Misunderstandings have the potential to derail even the most stable relationships. Proper communication creates a platform through which all sides can have their voices heard. In medicine, this often means speaking to your patient about anything that concerns them, while also helping them to understand the decisions that you make as their doctor.

Delivering Your Message

Confidence is key when it comes to delivering your message, so be sure to have all of the knowledge that is accessible to you at your disposal before you speak. Be calm and assertive, without making anybody else feel intimidated to challenge your opinions. Ensure that there is room for healthy debate and be sure to listen to what other people have to say. This not only allows them to be included in the discussion, but also increases their trust in the fact that you take their concerns seriously.

To ability to communicate properly is not always something that comes naturally, so it is important to practice at every opportunity and always make yourself open to discussion. Even the simplest of conversations may help you to understand a little more about how you can properly deliver your message when needed.

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About Arnaldo Trabucco MD

Arnaldo Trabucco, MD has devoted his entire life to helping and healing patients. He has made several contributions to the field of Urology, particularly in the area of stress incontinence. He has conducted original research and has published widely in peer reviewed journals. Arnaldo Trabucco, MD has been in private practice since 1987 and is currently practicing in Italy, where he is also a Board Member of the Società di Medicina e Chirurgia Rigenerativa Polispecialistica.
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