Arnaldo Trabucco: Everything you Ought to Know About Prostate Cancer

Among men, prostate cancer is the second most common cancer. Doctor Arnaldo Trabucco is a skilled urologist who has written several papers on prostate cancer. His publications include, “Saw Palmetto Warning: Problems with Detecting Prostate Cancer,” and “Site Specific Protocols for the Management of Cancer.” He has also made several television presentations regarding prostate cancer, disorders, and prostate cancer treatments. Prostate cancer is a common cancer and there are several things that you should know about it.

Prostate cancer occurs in a man’s prostate, which is a small gland that produces seminal fluid. It is walnut shaped and is located right below the bladder. This type of cancer grows very slowly, which could make it hard to detect. However, because it grows so slowly, it is also one of the easier cancers to treat. If it is caught in the early stages, there is a good success rate for treatment.

There are many symptoms associated with prostate cancer. However, many men may not experience symptoms in the early stages, which is one of the factors that makes it difficult to detect. Men who are in the later stages of prostate cancer often experience bone pain, discomfort in the pelvic area, trouble urinating, erectile dysfunction, and blood in their semen. Men can experience any or all of these symptoms if they have prostate cancer.

Once prostate cancer has been detected, doctors will begin treating it. The course of treatment is dependent on several different factors. Doctors will look at how quickly the cancer is growing and the overall health of the patient. Common treatments include radiation therapy, hormone therapy, surgery, cryosurgery, chemotherapy, and biological therapy. Doctor Arnaldo Trabucco is a skilled and experienced urologist who is well versed in prostate cancers and treatments. He always works hard to help each of his patients.

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About Arnaldo Trabucco MD

Arnaldo Trabucco, MD has devoted his entire life to helping and healing patients. He has made several contributions to the field of Urology, particularly in the area of stress incontinence. He has conducted original research and has published widely in peer reviewed journals. Arnaldo Trabucco, MD has been in private practice since 1987 and is currently practicing in Italy, where he is also a Board Member of the Società di Medicina e Chirurgia Rigenerativa Polispecialistica.
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